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Blog updated January 31, 2013


It’s 2013, who thought there would be life after 1984?  Those of you traveling the same time line as I am may remember thinking 1984 was along way off.  Hear we are at 2013!

One year ago December I had my right knee replaced. I spent January in physical therapy getting that leg back in working order. I continued exercising at the Alaska Club to loose weight and get in shape for a trip to China to visit brother Bill.

Check out the China link above and see selected pictures of my trip to China April 23 to May 13.

The Alaska link has pictures of recent activities in Alaska.  Dip netting for salmon, fishing for red salmon.

Check out my blog page.



Chugach Mountains east of Anchorage



Welcome to My World, recent blog HERE

Aurora north of Anchorage

Dip-netting Salmon at Kenai River Alaska, see pics HERE.

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